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About us

The Teenage Ministry is a unit within the Outreach Department under the Youth Development Directorate. During their gatherings, they handle different aspects of the service from singing to the playing of musical instruments which give them a sense of belonging in the church.

Further details of this unit are shared below:


The Teenage Ministry is focused on profering guidance to the AFM WECA Teenagers. This then raises the question - Who is a Teenager?

A teenager, or teen, is a young person whose age falls within the range of 13–19. They are called teenagers because their age number ends with "teen”… (Wikipedia)

Categories of those who fall into this Group – Teenage:

  1. Those between ages 13-19.
  2. All secondary school students irrespective of their age.
  3. All youths seeking admission irrespective of their age

Note: This group excludes all higher institution students irrespective of the age.

Our Objectives

The objective of the Singles forum is to fulfill the YDD care mission of providing physical, spiritual and emotionally care for singles. This grand objective is broken down into the following:

To bridge the gap for our teenagers between when they leave the Elementary Department and when they get admitted into higher institutions.

Our Programs



Specific programmes targeted at Teenagers, at least once in a quarter at Branch level. September Back to School

Pre-Varsity/Parent Orientation – Yearly session with SS2/SS3 students with their parents.



May 27 Teenagers Programme – Youth Weekend (during this programme, district representatives for “Who wants to be a Bible Giant” are selected based on their performance).



August Camp Meeting Teenagers Programmes.

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